Gaiffe - Gallot et Pilon


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Das Unternehmen ging 1930 an die CGR.

From the Belgian Museum of Radiology

"Claude Ropiquet, born 1864 was a pharmacist by training and became interested in electrology from 1898 on. His factory will be based in Amiens (F). He will be known by his famous mercury switch or interruptor for the primary current in a coil.Together with his friend Eugène Roycourt, an other manufacturer of radiological equipment, he manages to interest a financier, Hazart, and they founded the company named after them: “Société Ropiquet, Hazart & Roycourt”. During this period 1.500 ionometers of the Solomon type will be build, some of them still operational. o-310In 1930, they merge with an other group manufacturing radiological equipment, namely Gaiffe, Gaillot and Pilon, to create the “Compagnie Générale de Radiologie” (CGR)

Kenotron Licence exclusive pour la France

ETS Gaiffe-Gallot et Pilon STE


Type R.N.

Type O.M.1    

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