PC- Program for Tube Collectors to organize their tubes  


©  Tube Collection Udo Radtke, Germany  (14.12.2008)

Installation / english

The program can be downloaded as a free test version:

Download Demo-Version

With this test version collectors can work for 30 days after installation. Tereafter they may decide ton buy or not to buy the full version. Files beeing established with the test version are fully usable with the full version.

After clicking at the above URL or copying into the browser opens the following security note.

 Please confirm!

Click "Weiter> or Continue"

The next template appears, asking you, where the program shall be installed on your computer. You may choose any folder you prefer, but I prefer to do it first on your "desctop".So click at "desktop" please and confirm "continue"

The next template appeares saying that set up has been successfull. Please "continue".

The test version is now installed.

Please search on "desktop" for the following folders and move them together on a free space. By doing this you will have a better overlook and find them easier.


In "Databases" will be stored later all your files you have created. In this folder you will find a first file "Test.ROE" , containing the entries of10 tubes and their pictures.

In the folder "pictures" you will notice the same file name "Test.ROE". This file contains all the pictures belonging to the tubes, stored by tube no.

       Ordner "pictures"

When you have a look into the "picture" folder you will notice beside "Test.ROE" some other files. Please do not remove or rename this files, they are needed for other internal purposes..



The language can be chosen by a click at the apropriate flag.

Now start the tube program "roehre.exe" by doubleclick fron your desktop. Then you click at the symbol "load file"

The folder "databases" opens and you find the file "Test.ROE".  Please click at this file and confirm. The file gets loaded. Now you may start playing with the 10 datas the file contains. Modify the datas, add something within the entries, add new tubes, store the under a new name. Close the program, start it again, load the old or the new files, just as you like.

Use for all funktions the "Help.PDF"-file which discribes everything.

Important: when ever you have created or loaded a file and you have been working within that file, I recomend to store the actual file under the same name. When you click the "store" button you will automaticly bee asked wether you want to overwrite the existig file or store under a new name.

In case you are using a new name a second file with same name will be stored also in the "pictures" folder, containing all the pictures of that file.

Starting a new file

Just start the tube program and click at the "add tube" button. Now you are free to fill in all datas and the picture of you first tube. If ready, confirm and click again the "add tube" button. After you have finished store all datas in a file name of your choice.