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Der Name Laser setzt sich zusammen aus:   Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Typen / Types:

CR-500K, 3121H-P, S-25L, LGR7025,  

rot = Röhre + Foto eingebaut /  red = tube in collection + picture on Website
blau = Röhre vorhanden, Foto kommt / blue = tube in collection, picture in progress.
schwarz oder nicht gelistet = fehlt noch /  black or not listed = tube missing in collection.

Krypton-Laser,  ca. 75cm hoch,
Firma Coherent, Palo Alto, Calif. USA
Modell: CR-500K.
3121H-P  Hughes Laser unknown type



vermutlich übernommen von:

Parallax Technology, Inc.

hight = 90cm


S-25L  GB-1  Surgilase   Ion Laser Technology

Model A-25L is a 25 Watt CW sealed co2 laser tube made by Surgilase from mid 80's to about 2000.  They are 25 W CW tubes and the 40 W mark written on it is the absolute maximum possible output that must be written on the tube due to regulations.  They are almost always used in medical systems for surgery and gynecology.  They work with a negative (-ve) polarity high voltage power supply that must deliver an ignition voltage of about 25 kV and then run CW at about 12 kV at 20 mA.  They need water cooling at about 1 liter per minute. 

The output is through a ZnSe partial reflector and the rear mirror is a Silicon total reflector.  They have a life time of about 5 to 8 years and then can be refilled with fresh gas to run like new.  The optics may sometimes need replacement too. 

There are many of them still in use all over the world.

Said Nazemi, Technical Sales and Support, Parallax Technology Inc. USA.

LGR 7025  Siemens Laser Type ? Laser Type ?

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