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Cintel steht für Cinema Television Ltd.


Cintel were taken over by the UK Rank
organisation in the 60's.

Cintel International Ltd is a Bitish company, based in Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0AE.

Cintel which specialises in the design and manufacture of professional equipment, for transcribing film into video or data formats. It was formerly part of the Rank Organisation.

Their main products are based on either cathode ray tubes or CCD technology.

  • 1927 John Logie Baird founds the Baird Television Company which later becomes Cinema-Television and then Cintel.
  • During the Second World War, Cintel supplies thousands of specialist photoelectric cells, and cathode ray tubes for the war effort.
  • 1950 The first flying spot telecine is installed at the BBC's  Lime Grve Studios.
  • 1958 Cinema-Television Limited is renamed Rank Cintel Limited.
  • 1946 TMk1 Polygonal Prism system, first 35mm continuous Motion Flying Spot Telecine.
  • 1964 Mk II Twin Lens, 35 and 16mm Telecine.
  • Mk III Jump scan
  • 1987 MK IIIB Progressive scan and Digiscan

Right, that rings the bell. They are the folks that make the Rank
Cinitel film scanners, used for digital imtermediate work..

Makes perfect sense, there scanners are "Flying spot" and so they make their own Precison CRTs

Typen / Types:


rot = Röhre + Foto eingebaut /  red = tube in collection + picture on Website
blau = Röhre vorhanden, Foto kommt / blue = tube in collection, picture in progress.
schwarz oder nicht gelistet = fehlt noch /  black or not listed = tube missing in collection.


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