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Die nachfolgende Magnetrons TAM M und TAM1,5/100 sind 2 Entwicklungen von Philips um 1937 herum. Zumindest werden sie im Philips Review, April 1937, erwähnt

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For special signalling systems, the frequency band above 300 Mhz is important, i.e. the wave band below 1 m. Single-grid and multi-grid valves are hardly suitable for these purposes since they can never furnish more than a few watts useful output in this frequency band irrespective of the circuit employed. On the other hand, a satisfactor.y efficiency can be obtained at these low wave-lengths by using valves in which the electrons are deflected during their passage through the axial field of a magnet which may be either an electromagnet or a permanent magnet. These valves are called magnetron valves.

Two magnetron valves of this type are shown in Fig. 8, viz., the TAM M with two anodes and TAM 1.5/100 with four anodes which are connected crosswise in pairs. At a frequency of 600Mhz the latter valve has, for instance, an output of 50 to 60 W, with an efficiency of approximately 40 per cent. The first-named valve can still be run effectively at a frequency of 1200 Mhz, having then an output of 7 Wand a 10 per cent efficiency. The magnetic field intensity in this case is approximately 1000 Oersted. These special transmitting valves are being steadily developed towards higher outputs and higher frequencies


Nachfolgend einige Detail-Fotos von der TAM1,5/100 in meiner Sammlung. 

Typen / Types:

TAM 1,5/100

rot = Röhre + Foto eingebaut /  red = tube in collection + picture on Website
blau = Röhre vorhanden, Foto kommt / blue = tube in collection, picture in progress.
schwarz oder nicht gelistet = fehlt noch /  black or not listed = tube missing in collection.

Serien-Nr. 362 Größe: 48x155 mm

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